Loverly food

Tis no secret to those who know me that I LOVE food…I love plying my loved ones with food in particular….and I like to be organised about my food….I’m a stickler for “from scratch” and here are some of the ace things I’ve made….I can promise you they taste amazing!


Chicken San choi Bow here (cooked at the same time as Chicken Bolognese)

Chicken Bolognese here (cooked at the same time as Chicken San Choi Bow)

Slow cooked sticky pork and pork buns recipe here

Cauliflower fritters here

Cauliflower pasties a la Donna Hay here

Salt and pepper tofu with braised eggplant and braised eggplant here

Dhal with vegetables and naan here

Asian style sausage rolls here

Pot stickers a la Donna Hay here

Crispy pumpkin gnocchi here

Arancini here

Spinach and ricotta cannelloni here

Spinach, ricotta and tomato risoni here


Breakfast biscotti recipe here

Cream cheese and peanut butter brownies here

Link to Bourke Street Bakery chocolate and cherry biscuits here

Link to BEST mini hot cross buns recipe here

Link to garam masala chocolate gingerbread biscuits here

Jamie Oliver’s food processor carrot cake here

Anzac biscuits here

Churros with chocolate sauce here

Apple and rhubarb crumble here

Muesli bars here

Oat, apple and rhubarb breakfast muffins here

Raspberry brownies here

Meal planning and being organised

My tips about “batch cooking” here

My tips about meal planning here

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