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Le craft with le kids: Dinosaur hunter kit

I’ve mentioned before that I’m aiming to make or buy handmade gifts forever more and as much as possible, I’m getting the assistance of my small people in the making of the gifts too.  This project didn’t quite fit the bill but it certainly got our creative juices flowing.

When we got an invitation to our dear friends’ son’s Dinosaur themed party I knew immediately I wanted to put together a bit of a special palaeontology kit for him.

I had intentions of making dinosaur bones myself out of air dry clay (and I will do one for Bebito this way in a few months I think) but when I popped over to Spotlight to grab the clay I spied a sweet little wooden model T-Rex and thought that would be perfect for my bones.

I bought a plastic dish and some little digging tools – a few different size paint brushes and a tiny spade from a gardening kit.

We have had some very, very past it’s used by date, quinoa which I used as the “dirt” and Bebito and I buried the bones in the tub.

I wanted to get a little helmet or a special torch but couldn’t find any I liked that weren’t cheap and nasty or cost a small fortune so instead I just kept the kit simple and added in a “dinosaur egg” and a game of dinosaur snap (that’s another post).

What Bebito liked: getting involved in making a present for his friend. Playing in “the dirt”. Learning more about dinosaurs. He has of course, requested his own kit which I will leave for winter time as I think it’ll make a good indoor activity.

What I liked: Thinking about different ways to make the kit. The learning with Bebito through first lot of chatter about dinosaur species and then a bit of research together, including (another) trip to The Museum. My friend also said that the gift recipient has enjoyed the gift very much already. Music to my ears!

Much love,

Le craft with le kids: m&m’s paint

I thought I’d start a “new” series of posts about crafting with small people.

Let me say a few things at the outset:

– I’m in no way a child educator
– I’m actually not a naturally gifted crafter so only do things with Bebito that aren’t too much of a stress on either of us ie. they’re simple things
– I’m not at all keen on mess and have had to teach myself to let go of what happens on the journey
– I have also had to teach myself to let go of the finished product – sometimes we do a task that I want to create something at the end of it but Bebito isn’t at all keen on following something through to it’s end
– I follow his interests – ie. he LOVES to paint so we do a variety of different painting types
– I try to do a new task every week – it keeps things interesting for both of us
– I also try to do the task as part of our one-on-one time so that he has my undivided attention

I found this task on a blog (gosh knows if I can remember which one!) here is the link to the post it linked to though.

What: make your own paint using m&m’s

How: sort the m&m’s by colour – Bebito found this fun to do and we counted how many of each colour too & of COURSE we had to try a few.  I used plastic cups to put the m&m’s in (mess factor = low that way) and then added just enough water to cover the m&m’s.

What I liked about it: Quick, easy, educational, not messy and a great indoors activity for when the weather isn’t right for outdoor painting. I also liked that the colours were a bit more pastel than the usual painting we do.

What he liked about it: Quickly organised – ie. he didn’t have to wait for hours to get in to the task – he’s not that patient!

Cons: the paint is a bit umm, sticky and don’t let it dry outside or umm, ants will attack.  I also use paintings done by Bebito for wrapping paper and the stick factor isn’t so great for that.

I got in on the act too…you can see I’m not much of an illustrator no? 🙂

If you give this a go I’d love to know what you think!


Home made Easter

This Easter I’m doing home made gifts.  As I think I’ve said previously I’ve committed to making my own or buying handmade gifts for everyone this year.

I like to involve Bebito in the making as much as possible too so yesterday we got baking!

We made Bourke Street Bakery chocolate and cherry biscuits

Some mini apple, orange and cinnamon hot-cross buns covered with orange blossom syrup as I found over at just.b

I also have a batch of garam masala chocolate gingerbread chilling in the fridge to be made tonight.

We then did up a batch of labels and cards using the fabulous new range of Easter printables available at – I let Bebito do them which means that I sacrifice in terms of “look” sometimes but it’s about him having fun no? 🙂

I am using the tops of egg cartons to package up my gifts and will instagram a pic when I’ve done one up nicely.

Lastly, I raided the supplies so Bebito could make a little carrot to put in his Easter “nest” that we make every year (a family tradition) for Easter bunny to leave some treats – I think Easter bunny will be leaving him some textas this year and some teeny little Haigh’s dark chocolate eggs and maybe, just maybe, a new book.

All in all it was both fun and yummy.

Have you made anything fab this Easter? What are your Easter traditions? Whatever they are, I hope you have a wonderful and safe Easter with your nearest and dearest….and that you get some Haigh’s chocolates along the way.

Much love,