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Handmade Christmas Gift Guide 2013: Teachers, School friends and Kris Kringle

Teacher and other gifts
We thought we would add this category in at the very end to give you some ideas of some handmade and DIY options that are simple, cost effective and meet a variety of personality types.  Here are some ideas to cover teachers, kris kringle work colleague gifts, kindy and school friends.
1. Notebooks – surely everyone loves a notebook? These are a great gender neutral option made by Trink Arts – $13 AUD available here and another option here from Quimmz – $6.95 AUD available here
2. Zippered Pouches from Raspberry Rainbow – $13.96 AUD – Cat says she gifts these with the teacher’s name embroidered on the inside – available via her etsy store here
3. Customisable Teacher print from My Sweet Prints $28 AUD – store here
4.  Pens from Chibi Run – though not strictly handmade, Germaine from Chibi Run has an enormous variety of excellent stationery options in her store here $9.95 AUD – store here
5. Wire angel covered in Liberty of London fabric $10.00 AUD from Jane Planet Joy – this is one very clever lady who I know some of you will already be familiar with via her lovely presence on Instagram. Jane uses divine Liberty of London fabric to cover wire and wooden designs and they make really fabulous gifts…I know because I’ve gifted several of them!  This one is available here
6. Canberra Creatives Creative Case.  This is a monthly craft-in-a-box Project Kit delivered to your door.  The gift can be a monthly one, three monthly, six monthly or for the full twelve months. Prices start at $24 AUD – for full details visit the Canberra Creatives website here
7. Reindeer food DIY – these are a great option for the kindy/school friend.  There are loads of tutorials around and yes, we’ve all seen it on Pinterest but I like this one by Milk Please Mum here who had her little one write her name on the tags.  We made these last year and my Mr 5 loved putting them together.
8. My salted caramel popcorn in a jar DIY!  Add the popcorn, sugar, salt, baking soda and some instructions.  Easy peasy!  See the instructions here
9. Cloud brooch by Each to Own $20 AUD available here
10. Bookmarks – I think these are a great gift as I don’t know about you but I am constantly losing my bookmarks.  These are made by Zippy Zippy – $10 AUD and are available here
11. Polyhedra Note Cards (set of 10) $28 AUD – as a teacher myself I love receiving these types of gifts as they are ones I can gift on and save me some money or making time! These are designed by the very awesome Messagemark and can be found here
12. DIY polymer clay pinch pot…. I am at risk of being obsessed with polymer clay projects but this is a great, simple project to try via Spoonful here
GIVEAWAY: My gorgeous co-author woud love to make one of our lovely blog readers a travel zippered pouch in their choice of fabric. Leave a comment here or on Cat’s blog. One person will be chosen at random on Saturday 30 November in the evening (HK time) and she is happy to post anywhere in the world.
Also, see yesterday’s post for my giveaway!
Thank you all so much for your lovely feedback on Facebook and Instagram in particular about our series, we’ve really enjoyed sharing our finds and love of the homemade and handmade with you.
Much love,
Cat and Cat.

Handmade Christmas Gift Guide 2013: Gifts for Grandma, Mum, Mothers-in-Law

Gifts for Grandma

Today we’ve put together some ideas for some of the most important people in our lives – our Mum’s, Grandma’s and Mother-in-laws.

I know our world wouldn’t be so rich with my Mama and Grandma’s very real presence in it.  I love to spoil them on their birthdays and Christmas.

1. Porcelain replica vintage milk bottle : milk colour – I LOVE Urban Cartel – in fact, I’m developing an obsession with their goodies – porcelain and pastel colours – totally my thing! $39 AUD available via the etsy store here

2. One of my stitched children’s artwork pieces, starting at $40 AUD – my etsy store is here …. also, I’m giving one of these away …. see below for details!

3. Fabric Greeting Card Set of 4 – Here we go Loopy Lou $20 AUD available via madeit here

4. Small light & soft Felted scarf in red with purple tones and its matching brooch by   SM Boutique – this just looks so divine! $50 AUD – etsy store here

5. DIY: Make your own sweet DIY votives – a tutorial by fellow fellow here

6. Mint Peony Brooch by Delilah Devine (my Mama is getting one of these if I don’t decide to keep it first!) $22 AUD available here

GIVEAWAY: I’d love to stitch a little portrait for a special gift! I’ve taken to these small portraits set in 15cm hoops and I’d love to stitch one for one of you! If you’d like to win, please just comment below telling me what either you, or your child loves to draw most!

133Entries are open to international entrants and will close on Friday evening, the 29th of November 2013.  The winner will be drawn at random.

Handmade Christmas Gift Guide 2013: Gifts for grown boys/partners

Hello lovelies!

Next up in our handmade Christmas gift guide is gifts for husbands and male partners or even the lovely brotherly or uncle types.

Our list of course has a few geeky, stylish and quirky goodies on it which would appeal to most of the grown boys in our lives!
Handmade Christmas gift guide for husbands/partners


1. Upcycled Pantone Clock by Pantock $110 AUD, etsy shop here.

2. Vintage Map Cuff Links by Brass And Chain $19.63 AUD, etsy shop here.

3. PacMan badge or magnet by Bunny and Bird Designs $4.37 AUD, etsy shop here.

4. I love this t-shirt so much, Vader’s day off, Stormtrooper t-shirt by Mini Mayhem $25 AUD, etsy shop here. It may actually be heading in the direction of a few grown boys in my life!

5. DIY make a salt dough paper weight, tutorial by Crafts by Amanda, find it here.  It’s perfect for kids to make and my Mr 5 has made it for my Mr but you could easily customise it with any words.

What do you buy your husband, partner, brother, grown boy friend for Christmas? Is he difficult to buy for?

Have a great day.
Cat xo

Handmade Christmas Gift Guide 2013: Gifts for Teen Girls

Gifts for Teen Girls

Teenage girls are so fun to buy for! We’ve included a variety of ideas in this guide to cover young teens through to older teens.

1, DIY Miniature Embroidery Hoop  by Dandelyne – $19 AUD. Sonia from Dandelyne is one cool and clever chica.  Her stitched pieces are divine and feature heavily in my personal wardrobe and I’ve gifted a LOT of her pieces now.  This little kit is a fairly new addition to Son’s etsy shop here and mean that you can create and stitch a design of your own. Ace!

2. A three pack of choose your own hair bobbles by Raspberry Rainbow – $14 AUD by my co-curator, Cat! You can see her etsy store here

3.Set of 3 journals with lovely detailing by Buntmal – $21.93 AUD – etsy store here
4. Cosmetic Bag by Cloud Love Baby – $15 AUD – etsy store here
5. DIY tutorial: DIY Painted Tribal Bracelets – tutorial via Dismount Creative here – again, this DIY is totally achievable for even a crafty novice
6. Clutch purse in grey and yellow (super on trend yes?!) by byMART $35.09 AUD- etsy store here
And now to our GIVEAWAY…cue the trumpets!
Sonia from Dandelyne has offered up two of her five packs of DIY necklace kits (you can see them here) to a couple of VERY lucky people! Each pack retails at $45 AUD!
DandelyneOne kit will be given away via blog comments and another on instagram. To win via the blog all you need to do is comment on either of our posts saying which item you’ve liked most in our series to date.  Winners will be picked at random at the evening of Friday November 22nd.  International entries are most welcome.  For details of our instagram giveaway check our profiles later today – you can find me at @cat_beloverly and Cat at @raspberryrainbow  GOOD LUCK!

Handmade Christmas Gift Guide 2013: Gifts for Teen Boys

Christmas Gifts for Teen Boys
Today’s gift guide is all about teenage boys, a category notoriously difficult to buy for …. because there are only so many video games (do they still call them video games?) a young man needs surely!!
Our ideas embrace the quirky, geeky and we have two awesome DIY options too.
1. Hangry cushion – from My Bearded Pigeon $48.10 US – etsy store here
2. Black leather handmade notebook – via Buntmal $30 US – etsy store here
3. Dalek cross-stitch (this is super dooper cute for the Dr Who fan!) – $27 AUD made by This Grand Life – madeit store here
4. Wallet designed and made by the awesome folk at Kitty Came Home $ – etsy store here
5. DIY Option – an Ice Cream Care package + online movie voucher of your choice.  This idea is from The Misadventurous Maker (see her original post here) and also appeared on Fat Mum Slim here – cost is up to you as to how fancy you make it.
6. A DIY gadget cover tutorial via Curlypops here – I would be very surprised if a teenage boy didn’t have a gadget of some type!
Have you got a teen boy to buy for? What are they in to?

Handmade Christmas Gift Guide 2013: Lovelies for the lovely little girls

Handmade Christmas gift guide for girls

Hello lovelies…

Day 3 in the series compiled with Cat, it’s all about girls. The other Cat is the lovely mumma of two girly whirlies (as I call them) and we were both little girls once upon a time too!

As an aunt to a few nieces I’ve always relished buying beautiful toys that spark imaginative play and our gift guide features some gorgeous handmade items, including one of Cat’s!

1. Handmade Dolls, cats, koalas and more by A Little Vintage, various prices. I personally want one of each. Cat and her girls own a koala named Mildred. Etsy shop here.

2. Wooden Toadstool house puzzle by Raw Toys $37 AUD. I have a weak spot for wooden toys and these make great unisex gifts too! Madeit shop here.

3. Dress up Rainbow bird wings by Sparrow and B Costumery $66.95 US. My girls would love these, we adore anything rainbow in our house. Etsy shop here.

4. Australian biscuits and cakes felt food set by Wombat’s Picnic $30 AUD, madeit shop here. My Mr 2 would absolutely love these too!!!

5. Crochet Rainbow bracelet by The Black Sheep Crafts $8 AUD, madeit shop here. Just quietly, I would like one of these myself! And one might be making it’s way to a niece in my life’s Christmas gift bag!

6. DIY Tutorial: Make your own hair ties, this tutorial could not be easier.  I am going to have to give this a go for myself!

We would love to know what else you buy for the little girls in your life?

Cat xox

Christmas Gift Guide 2013: Gifts for little men

Today in our series Cat and I are sharing some ideas of what to give the little men in our lives….I may know a thing or two about little boys and my boys have several of these already and love them!

My little boys are creative players, puzzle do-ers, collectors and avid readers and our list reflects the kinds of things they love doing.

Gifts for little men
Row 1:
Marble Starter Kit by Flower Press by Flower Press $30.75AUD – etsy store here
Pirate Messenger Bag Satchel for Kids Mee a Bee $25AUD – store here  my boys carry their crayons, twigs, leaves, small notebooks, toy cars, planes, trains. compasses, torches and all manner of things in these bags (not all at once!) and they’re small enough for them to sling over their shoulders comfortably
Row 2:
Dimple Wheel Cushion by One Pear $45AUD – madeit store here (two little boys in my life may be receiving these exact ones for their reading corner in fact)
Handmade soft toy superhero “Edwin” by Tiny Morsels Emporium $24.16AUD – etsy store here Someone better snap this one-of-a-kind up before I do!!!! He’s adorable.
DIY Tutorial: Circus Paper City by Made by Joel – free! – blog here We have used a number of Joel’s tutorials now and they are all great. You could make a beautifully presented gift by pasting on to thicker card stock and presenting in a lovely tin.
Special offer: As a special offer today Jacqui from Mee a Bee has offered free shipping for anyone who wants to order a bag from her store.  I have gifted every small person in my life one of Jacqui’s bags and they are brilliant.  To claim this offer just enter: BELOVERLY at the checkout.