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Christmas Gift Guide 2013: Gifts for little men

Today in our series Cat and I are sharing some ideas of what to give the little men in our lives….I may know a thing or two about little boys and my boys have several of these already and love them!

My little boys are creative players, puzzle do-ers, collectors and avid readers and our list reflects the kinds of things they love doing.

Gifts for little men
Row 1:
Marble Starter Kit by Flower Press by Flower Press $30.75AUD – etsy store here
Pirate Messenger Bag Satchel for Kids Mee a Bee $25AUD – store here  my boys carry their crayons, twigs, leaves, small notebooks, toy cars, planes, trains. compasses, torches and all manner of things in these bags (not all at once!) and they’re small enough for them to sling over their shoulders comfortably
Row 2:
Dimple Wheel Cushion by One Pear $45AUD – madeit store here (two little boys in my life may be receiving these exact ones for their reading corner in fact)
Handmade soft toy superhero “Edwin” by Tiny Morsels Emporium $24.16AUD – etsy store here Someone better snap this one-of-a-kind up before I do!!!! He’s adorable.
DIY Tutorial: Circus Paper City by Made by Joel – free! – blog here We have used a number of Joel’s tutorials now and they are all great. You could make a beautifully presented gift by pasting on to thicker card stock and presenting in a lovely tin.
Special offer: As a special offer today Jacqui from Mee a Bee has offered free shipping for anyone who wants to order a bag from her store.  I have gifted every small person in my life one of Jacqui’s bags and they are brilliant.  To claim this offer just enter: BELOVERLY at the checkout.

Christmas Gift Guide 2013: Gifts for the sweet littlest ones…

Welcome to the first in a co-authored series of blog posts by Cat from Raspberry Rainbow and me.
Our series of guides focuses on handmade, homemade, local and also includes some DIY tutorials.  Over the coming days we will have some little surprises for you so stay tuned!
On Day 1 we give to you our guide for babies featuring some of our favourite makers and generally clever clogs’.
It seems it’s been influenced by my love for clouds but there are some gorgeous pieces to suit any budget here.
We also have a special offer for you below!
Row 1:

Baby Mobile/Owls and Clouds Hanging Mobile/Nursery Mobile $49.42 AUD by Gosh and Golly – etsy store here

Chalkboard onesie by Bubby Makes Three $24AUD- madeit store here

Baby Bib “Somewhere over the Rainbow” by CurlyPops $15AUD – store here

Customisable world map print by My Sweet Prints $35AUD – store here

Row 2:

Organic and bamboo cloud trackies by the smallest tribe (seriously, you can’t go wrong with ANYTHING Kathryn makes and we had to stop ourselves listing her in every category) $40AUD – store here

DIY Tutorial: Hot Air Balloon Mobile e-Pattern (PDF) by Craft Schmaft $9.88AUD – etsy store here

Wooden blocks alphabet 26 letters by little sapling toys $49.42AUD – etsy store here

Special Offer: The lovely folks at Little Sapling Toys are offering a 10% discount on any toys purchased in their etsy store. To redeem just enter the code LOVELY10 at the checkout.

Do you have anything on your wishlist for babies that we need to know about?

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? For the first time in years I haven’t!!!

Book Friday: Siri Hustvedt – The Shaking Woman

It’s been a little while since I posted on Book Friday but I’m back with my quick thoughts on Siri Hustvedt’s latest book, “The Shaking Woman“.

Now, as I mentioned before (here and here) LOVE Siri and I could easily qualify as a Siri groupie (better than being a Justin what’s-his-baby-face-name groupie anyway!) but did I love this book? Unfortunately not.

It kind of felt like I was reading a university thesis. I’m sure part of it is my inability to read and process non-fiction since I was at uni. I had hoped that I’d be better equipped to deal with it now but I further suspect that being a Mama and having such a busy mind at the moment means I’m really not great at processing the logical way I need to with non-fiction.

I still loved her writing style and when she spoke about her own personal journey and how she was struck down with attacks of the shakes. I also really enjoyed when she spoke about research based on real stories but it was too full of philosophical and scientific argument for me to get lost in the moment of it or fully engage with it either. I found myself skipping over paragraphs that weren’t interesting or too full of science.

I’ll always love Siri but this one just didn’t “do” it for me. And, I’m just a little sad about that.

ps. Will post on to the Books, Books, Books page soon too.