Advent fun – days 1 through 9


Since Mr 6 was a trepidatious toddler walking on tiptoes we’ve been doing some advent activities. Every year I say I will blog the activities we do and every year I get caught up and don’t. So I will post our fun in blocks.

Our calendar has little pockets in it and I place notes in each pocket (see bottom left picture) saying what each day’s surprise is. It’s a really lovely way to spend some time together and I have very much focused them around things the boys like to do as well as things I want to focus on like giving back, making home made gifts and the like.

I’ve been collecting ideas for our activities all year and wrote out the list, sitting with my calendar for December (we have SO many birthdays this time of year too!) and worked out what days would be busy, what days the kiddos would be with Grandma, Mr and me and popped a note in each pocket that fit with the day.

Over the last week and a bit we have:

– danced to a Christmas song
– baked biscuits for Mr 6’s class mates and teachers
– written a quiz about Rudolph
– gone on a Christmas picnic with their friends
– decorated a “gingerbread” house using this tutorial. We tried making gingerbread houses a few years ago and it was a complete disaster and this is more my boy’s kind of thing
– bought and decorated our Christmas tree
– written a letter to Father Christmas including the things that they’re thankful for. This was my favourite so far as Mr 6 helped Mr 3 write his letter and they both carefully considered their content. Their thankful list was also three times longer than what they were asking for. Ace stuff!
– a lucky dip – we have a couple of days when it’s all too much so a jelly bean or similar is on offer

Do you advent calendar? What’s your favourite thing you do as part of it?

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