The joyful child


I try hard not to compare my children with each other. I’m very conscious of letting them be the people they are without trying to label them. It isn’t easy of course as it’s human nature to try to label things so we can understand them.

I have two very strong of mind children however. Actually, all four of us are very strong of mind. It makes for interesting times and will continue to do so as they grow and want to exercise their own opinions more.

As I watched Mr 3 joyfully run up and down the beach yesterday though, squealing happily as sand was tossed towards us by the wind, I was struck with just how joyful he is. And he is full of joy. He has a lightness that the rest of us don’t have. He’s quick to laugh, will find the silly in a situation in order to lighten the mood. He is full of love and wonder.

I was also caught in thought about the baby he was – fair to say he was a pretty miserable baby. He screamed a lot and loud. We walked laps of the backyard under the stars singing to him nightly for months. Until perhaps six months ago suffered from incredible separation anxiety. I tried a lot of things to make him happier. I had people tell me it wasn’t “normal” for a child to be this way. And though I questioned myself as a result of these comments my internal voice took it as a sign he needed my extra reassurance and did whatever it took to let him know he was loved. I left for work many a morning in tears as he screamed behind me, knowing the screaming would not in fact stop for perhaps hours to come.

Over time my reassurances that I would always be back seemed to work and he became happier to be left. But it took a long time for that to happen.

And so….My joyful child worked hard to be so. And so did I.

4 thoughts on “The joyful child

  1. Megan Blandford (@MeganBlandford)

    It makes me feel so happy to read this. He’s certainly earnt his happiness, and letting him find it in his own comfort and own time is a credit to you. My kids each have a bit of these things: Abbey was a miserable baby and the most joyful toddler, Iris was a happy baby and is now a tricky toddler who I’ve had to carefully guide to feel comfortable away from me.

    1. catbeloverly Post author

      Thanks lovely. When you’re in the middle of it it sure is tough going. I don’t have many parenting instincts when it comes to babies (maybe ever?) but I think we both had a rocky start to his life and we both needed time to sort that. Thankfully that has been the case. It’s a bumpy ride! x

  2. Catriona

    This is really nice to read Cat. To us, Emma was a very hard baby and it felt like all she did was cry, throw up and not sleep properly… I really struggled but I now love this age (18 months) and she too is full of joy 🙂 u are doing a great job being their Mum xx


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