Stasis induced cake


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I’m in a holding pattern. I have been for most of the year. I’ve talked to people I know and trust. I have some options but none of them are singing to me as “the one”. I get on and do, I’m busy. Always busy. I am mindful in my busy so I like it in it’s own way.

I’ve begun focusing on health and energy as that feels like the right thing to do.  Making the odd day for myself here to do things I love – visit the Art Gallery, catch a movie and even read a book for half an hour.

And of course I’ve been focusing on my family and food.  The two things that I always come back to.

The question of what to “do” professionally is still bothering me.  I read this great article yesterday and I know it’s part of who I am.  I am a better person now than I was 10 years ago in every way.

I know that “a” decision is what is needed but I’m paralysed by the options ahead of me. Further study is a certainty but so much depends on the type of paid work I am able to find. History tells me that it’ll be ok, I’ll make it work whatever happens but I’m still waiting for the right path to make itself known.  And patience has never been my strong point.

I have a dream I want to pursue but am not ready to name….one that I will kick myself for not attempting if in fact I don’t.  How I can get this to work with the realities of the rest of my life I do not yet know.

In the meantime, loved ones, you can count on a lot of cake!

When you’re unsure of a way forward what do you “do”?

4 thoughts on “Stasis induced cake

  1. slamdunk

    Simply knowing what your dream is represents a huge step in the process so congrats.

    I have wrestled with those questions regularly. I am a “lister” and prefer to list my clearly defined goals with measurable steps or objectives. Once I have a written plan (though certainly something that can be modified depending on circumstances), I feel much better in evaluating whether the timing now is best or if I should wait.

  2. Megan Blandford (@MeganBlandford)

    It’s bloody hard, and I tend to be paralysed by the enormity of such decisions too. Like, if I can’t do it to the full extent right now then I’ll do nothing, which isn’t helpful really! I think you’re onto something when you say “I will kick myself for not attempting it” – knowing that you want to look back on your life and have at least tried certain things is a big kickstart. I wish you lots of courage in grasping your dream with both hands. xx


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