The news

I wake to the news and I’m saddened. I never thought the government of this country could be so heartless.

I watch the news unfold during the day and I’m angered. The lack of empathy, a distinct lack of kindness. It’s rotten.

When I was younger I thought that living an important life was what I was destined for. And that important life would make a difference in a big way.

I turned 39 last week and it hit me like a tonne of bricks. I don’t have a big important life. I have a little, quiet life. And my ability to affect change seems minimal.

What I have come to see though is that a quiet life can still be an important life. That small kindness, an open mind and empathy can make a difference. That as a Mama I can instil these important values in my boys. That I can live by example. And that if everyone for in with living a life with a lens of kindness and empathy the news would be very different.

9 thoughts on “The news

  1. Sharyn

    Hi Cate, I’m a new visitor to your blog : ) I absolutely agree with you. Living by example and with integrity is very important to me as I am a Mumma to an impressionable free spirited girl. I hope that people like us can band together and make the difference that this world is crying out for.

  2. Rachel

    As a result of the budget my agency (that helps people with disabilities) is being outsourced so I’m facing redeployment; as a result of the economy my husband’s business is failing and we have had to sell our home. It is very troubling times we live in and I’m scared for the future.

      1. Rachel

        Thanks Cat. We are staying positive. Living by my mantra of ‘when one door closes another one opens’.

  3. Kelly Exeter (@kellyexeter)

    I agree Cat. I think just be being kind and teaching our kids to be kind, we are influencing the world positively. And the more of us there are doing this, slowly, slowly, the world can and will change. And sometimes I think that slow change is better for the world anyway. Less push back!


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