Pinspired: mini pretzel bites


I thought I would start a Friday series based around things I find on Pinterest. Hardly a unique idea I know but I know I have lots of things languishing on the many boards I have happening that I’ve been meaning to try but haven’t got around to!

So this morning Mr 2, who loves nothing more than making a floury mess and using the electric mixer, and I made these mini pretzel bites via the awesomely named, I heart naptime.

The verdict: they’re a bit of a fuss to make with the boiling and rolling etc but the recipe is perfect in terms of quantities. Also, for us who bake in Celsius the oven needs to be set to around 220 degrees.

We all love pretzels at our house and I am going to package them up for after school and 3pm work day snacks. They would totally rock with a cheesey sauce but I’m not going that far!

I would love to know what you’ve found and tried on Pinterest lately. Please do share!!!

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