Christmas Cheer

I’ve been really enjoying the lead up to Christmas this year.  Well, I’ve enjoyed it since I finished up work and study for the year last week anyway!

Mr 2 is getting excited about things like lights and Christmas trees and is old enough to participate in a number of our advent calendar activities.

I revisited my Pinterest boards and chose some activities that I’d been hoping to do for a while and added in some teeny presents and the odd treat.

032Mr 5 wakes every morning begging to see what is in the “pocket calendar”. My favourite activity to date was this one where we made washi tape trees in our hall.  Here’s Mr 2 with his “cheese” smile.081I’ve also made a number of presents myself this year – trying a bunch of new craft projects in particular and of course, enlisting the help of the small ones.   I can’t show too much but suffice to say our table is full of paint! 🙂

Mr 2 made some paintings with some cars…008Both my little lovelies painted on some fabric for a secret project – paint was ALL over the floor!035I made some sugar and orange hand scrub.039 We used some air dry clay to make some dishes and candle holders… 102And of course I’m making a bunch of food gifts….

Mini panettone using this amazing recipe – it’s umm, not exactly kid friendly as it’s heavy on the booze but it is darn delicious.  I made a big one too for us to crack on Christmas Eve.  This is a really sentimental cake in my family.  My Dad brought it around to my Grandparents as a gift the first Christmas after he met my Mum and my Grandpa, who was the funniest man you ever could meet in the great, dry way that I love most, asked if he’d cooked it in the BHP ovens.  It’s been nicknamed BHP cake in our family ever since and we eat a slice, along with a glass of bubbles at midnight on Christmas Eve.  I’m really looking forward to trying it with my family!142I have also whipped up a batch of two of Amy’s favourites – dulce de leche shortbread sandwiches and salted dulce de leche brownies (which my Grandma has requested for her birthday on Sunday too).

001We’ve done pear and vanilla jam and I am going to make up some lemon curd using lemons from our garden and some nutella meringues in the next few days.  I’ll package up various goodies for family and friends though exactly how I’ll package them I have no idea as yet!

With all this baking, crafting and making it’s been a fun and busy time and the Christmas spirit is in full swing around here.  I love imbuing my making and baking with love and considering what gifts people would like but most of all, having the small ones around is what makes this Christmas so special….because THIS!

003Merriest of merry times to you all lovelies.


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