My littlest man isn’t much of a sleeper. He goes through patches where he isn’t too bad but there are more patches where he is horrificly unsettled, waking every 90 minutes and needing a lot of cuddles to settle him back to sleep. I’ve tried every strategy in the book and have taken to the path of least resistance now, whatever that may be. This latest phase has come at a time when I’m really busy with work, study and craft as well as the humdrum of domesticity, some illness and the needs of an older child too. There have been meltdowns galore and not just from the boys.

Normally, I throw a bit of organisation into the mix and structure my way through things. Getting by on three hours broken sleep just isn’t cutting it though and no manner of organisation is helping. I am behind on work, the washing pile is back logged and my patience for everything and my humour are thin. I have cranky totally nailed at the moment.

The worst part though is my weary mind and the thoughts that visit whilst pacing with a sleepless, crying two year old. The fog. The weariness of body is mirrored in my mind.

Yes, this too shall pass. The sleeplessness, it has changed me and I am weary.

1 thought on “Weary

  1. Natalie

    I wish I could reach through this screen to give you the biggest cuddle right now. It truly is one of those times that isn’t any easier simply by knowing it will pass. Sleep deprivation is utter torture so lots of love to you, my friend, and I hope the time until this sleepless phase has passed isn’t long. Sending lots and lots AND LOTS of sleepy vibes to Little Lion. xxxxx


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