I was speaking with a friend yesterday about how hard I am finding it to focus.  It’s fair to say I’m spread thinly but it’s more than that.  Days are going by in a blur.  I think some of it is the nature of having small children in your life….that my energy is in large part transferred to playing with, caring for and thinking about my little ones.  

My energy flows outwards rather than inwards.  I am acutely aware that I spent the majority of my adult life so far, perhaps my whole life before becoming a parent, with the energy flowing inwards so it’s a good thing to not be so self focused.  It’s my nature to overthink, overprocess and live in my head.  There’s nothing quite like finger painting with a toddler to stop the overthinking….it’s more about the, “oh, look, he’s shoved his paint covered finger in his eye…I wonder how much that’ll hurt!?!” 

And there is the juxtaposition of my life, being lost in moments and yet not being able to see the bigger picture because of the trees. 

The filter over the lens is blurry.  It’s time to focus again. 

3 thoughts on “Focus

  1. Megan Blandford (@MeganBlandford)

    You’ve put this so beautifully, my friend. I remember being so relieved when I had A that I had someone else to focus on… now, in moments of this crazy life, I laugh at that as I wish I could have some quiet time to think for an hour! Like you, I find it liberating getting back to the simple things with the kids, but that other part of me is feeling a bit deprived. There’s a definite blur and I think it’s time we reclaim some focus in our lives. xxxxxxx


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