The first beautiful thing

I’ve just begun reading this book.


I am a big fan of some of Richard Flanagan’s books, particularly, “Death of a River Guide” which I heard him read passages from at an Adelaide Writer’s Week many years ago. I was captivated by hearing his voice read his words aloud in a way that few writers I’ve heard have been able to do.

I’m intrigued already by Dorrigo Evans. He is asked why he loves words so and responds:


Words were the first beautiful thing I knew too.

Words and the Mona Lisa, which my Mum had cut a small print out of and had placed in our bathroom. I thought, for years, that it was a painting of her as she does have a striking resemblance to my Mum.

For me words, and art, have always spoken to my soul. Captured things I’ve not been able to express or put feelings and thoughts I didn’t know I had together.

What was the first beautiful thing you ever knew?

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