Dearest Bebito,

Yesterday you turned five. Five!

There are so many things I want to say about you. To you.

There’s no one who has changed my life more than you.

As we walked along the street together the other day you told me you loved sharing, especially with me and you offered up the arm, then the leg and chocolate button of your gingerbread man. Holding your hand as we walked in the sun I took a mental photo to keep in my heart.

You complained that you had sore legs and I knew you wanted me to carry you a while. As you snuggled in I asked you when you thought you’d be too old for me to carry you. In your most earnest voice, “I think maybe when I am 5!” When I told you that wasn’t long away you said, “Oh, ok maybe when I’m 100 then!”

You are an incredible boy. All parents think that about their children I know but everyone who meets you is enchanted by your warmth, charm, intelligence and humour.

I love that I have had the privilege to watch you grow every day.

I love that you call it, “Parmesan and cheese”.

I love your giggle and the glint you get in your eye when you’re about to tell a joke.

I love that even at five you consider so much when you speak.

I love your enthusiasm for learning.

I love that you try things even though they scare you.

I love that your Grandma is your wing man.

I know I won’t always be privvy to every thought that ever entered your head. That one day you will stop tapping my arm for constant attention.

It is an honour to be your Mama little man. You make me proud every day.

I love you all the way up to the moon and back times a million trillion,


2 thoughts on “Five

  1. maxabella

    This is such a sweet love letter to your little dude, Cat. Wow, five is BIG. I think when I first read your blog your Bebito was only THREE. That seems so much smaller. What a difference a couple of years make. x


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