I believe


I believe in kindness
I believe in love
I believe it is not always easy to be kind or loving but it’s important to try anyway
I believe that faith is important. Not religious faith but a hopefulness that things will be ok
I believe in friendship and in being a good friend
I believe in equality and especially in feminism
I believe that most people mean well even if they say something stupid
I believe in quietness
I believe in allowing my boys to be little boys for as long as I can
I believe in creativity and surrounding myself with things that inspire me
I believe in words
I believe that Mama-hood is the most wonderful gift
I also believe that Mama-hood is relentless
I believe that rules are important
I believe that food should be prepared with love and that includes toast
I believe that Jeff Buckley was a genius and he will always make my heart soar
I believe that reading to my children is a joy for us all
I believe that sometimes it’s important to shake things up a bit, in spite of the rules
I believe that life’s too short not to eat chocolate cake
I believe that pretty clothes can improve your mood
I believe that refugees need more than what our government is offering them
I believe that I may never sleep past 6am again
I believe that marriage is an optimistic thing to do and that it’s important to commit to over and over
I believe that sunshine is healing
I believe in letting my boys get dirty and messy and creative
I believe my Mum is one of the most amazing women who ever lived
I believe in family but that family can be crafted from all kinds of relationships
I believe that listening is more important than talking
I believe that books can be friends
I believe in laying on the grass and guessing shapes out of clouds
I believe that life can be overwhelming
I believe we can take things for granted and that gratitude is important
I believe I overthink everything
I believe that champagne is awesome
I believe in laughter
I believe that all children learn in their own time and it’s important to gently guide them
I believe it’s sometimes important to be still
I believe in love
I believe in love
I believe in love

4 thoughts on “I believe

  1. bubsweatandtears

    Sigh. What an incredible belief list you have. Preparing toast with love is something I’m yet to master. Go Mr Buckley and you just reminded me to lay in the grass with the clouds above us. X


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