Be Brave

Image from the BHB website

Image from the BHB website

My last post about my dream to own my own little book shop, it seems, was timely.

As it turns out, a lovely one gifted me a ticket to attend a morning tea hosted by the awesome singer and actor Claire Bowditch as part of her Big Hearted Business “movement”. I love Claire’s voice and share a love of Jeff Buckley with her though sadly, his drummer never slept on my couch as he did with Claire!

The idea behind Big Hearted Business is one I love. Making good business with your creative soul.

There were some things that rang incredibly true for me in what she said.  At uni I studied philosophy and one of the only things I remember from it is the idea about synchronicity – that when you’re aware of something and open to it, you see signs of it everywhere.

The messages I took home were strong and many.  You can’t be a success or take care of yourself properly if you’re worried sick about money. That it’s ok to do something not quite right for you at the minute whilst you work towards what you want to achieve. That making a decision, doing something is better than doing nothing. That all people have skills in both their left and right brain and you shouldn’t deny either. Using your left and right brain. Not checking your feelings at the door as you walk in to your “job” and better, work with those feelings.  Just because the life you want hasn’t been done before doesn’t mean it’s not possible. Be creative with your solutions and don’t talk yourself out of it before you even begin it!

But most of all……..Know thyself. Be true to yourself. Speak your truth. Be brave.

I think it’s that last one that’s been hardest for me – bravery. In hindsight I have always found that hard. It’s not a new realisation for me. I have had, “be brave” emblazoned in my mind this year. I like the comfortable, the familiar. When so much of my life is chaotic I really do retreat to what I know and love best so I feel safe.

Taking “good” risks though is an example I want to set for my children, especially Bebito who is very like me. I know this will help me grow. It is the message I am meant to hear at this time in my life.

Are you a risk taker? Or like me do you prefer the familiar? Have you pushed yourself to take risks and if so, how did you get there?

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