The Dream

Every work day I walk past my favourite book store. I peer in the window and smile. They’ve a beautiful window display at the moment. The best I’ve ever seen there.

Books have been my lifelong passion. They’ve been my solace, my friend and my escape many, many, many times. I was the girl sitting on the bench with my nose stuck in a book as my mum shopped.

Some months back I had a vision of what I wanted to do long term. I like what I do for paid work now. It’s perfect for the time in my life I’m in. Long term though I want to be amongst books. I want to have my own book store specialising in children’s literature. I have visions of a reading room, author visits, shelves filled to the brim with wonderful words and illustrations. Combining this love with my experience as an Event Manager I want to have a room for children to have parties in too. Lovely, book themed parties which are simple and fun with healthy food and the odd treat. A cafe too! With change facilities and one where mama’s with noisy toddlers feel at home ! I can “see” the store full of wood and hear it full of chat and the hum of books being read aloud to giggling children. I can smell it with coffee and vanilla tea cake.

I even dream about it once a week at least. I am putting this out in the universe because if you dream it and ask for it and work hard for it it can happen right? So universe, this is my dream ok?

Do you have a long term dream?

12 thoughts on “The Dream

  1. Dannielle

    I love this dream for you! I have a big dream that I think of daily too. It’s one that I hope will mould into a 10 year plan. I’m still working out the finer points of it, but it helps to keep me on track. I must tell you about it one day.

    Here’s to you putting it out in the universe and wonderful things coming back. x

  2. Rachel

    Wow, that sounds so wonderful. I would love to spend lots of time in your little shop.

    I have a muddled long term dream at the moment, which is fine because there are too many other things to think about. But if I ever leave my government desk job it will be to do with something involving food, words or fashion.

  3. Kate (@FitParentsAus)

    What a lovely dream! I hope you make it come true. I must admit I have been a little afraid to dream after a few set backs in the career department which has knocked my confidence a little. Maybe in time I will ‘dare to dream’.

  4. Pip

    oh what a beautiful dream Cat – I can imagine you illustrating or writing your own children’s book as well you have such a creative flair…

  5. bubsweatandtears

    Oh what a beautiful dream Cat, I could imagine you writing or illustrating a children’s book as well you have such creative flair…

  6. Bec | Mumma Tells

    This is an absolutely delightful dream, Cat. I’m a fellow book lover, and seem to have passed the gene on to my {little} Big Girl. I just know she’d spend hours upon hours working her way through a place like this, and would die of excitement at the prospect of a themed party room.. as would I! Keep dreaming, lovely. I’m loving the results. X

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  8. Travelling Book Junkie

    Reading your post, it seems that we have a similar dream in mind. I would love to have my own quirky little bookshop. Somewhere people can come and spend time, have a coffee, read a book and enjoy the company of others. In an age when technology plays such an important part to this now that’s my main concern. I know people still purchase hard copies if books, I am one of these myself, by commercially this would need to be considered in my plan….hence why it is still only my dream! One day I hope to get there as I would live to be surrounded by books all day everyday and like minded people to enjoy them. Tis might also help my other dream as well…one day I would love to become a published author. Good luck with your dream!


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