Tales of a worrier: the school edition

Some things in parenthood have really worried me. Apart from the newborn stuff I mean.

I am a bit of a worrier so it doesn’t take much to tip the scales. I’ve learned to accept that about me because it means I have to sort through my feelings and thinking to get to a decision.

I worried a lot how Bebito would “be” after the arrival of Little Lion. I was in a lot of ways right to worry. It made me think things through before they happened and I was as prepared for adverse reactions as I could be. In a way it wasn’t as bad as I anticipated and in others it really was.

And so I find myself worrying over the “school decision” for Bebito quite a lot. He is a bright and sensitive boy and he is thriving at preschool. We love his preschool and the Director has been wonderful.

We’ve seen a few schools to date and they all seem fine but none feel like the perfect fit. We have more schools to see. Some are ruled out by our lateness in trying to sort things out. In a way I’ve been relieved as it narrows down our choices. It’s not at all “like” me to be so unprepared. He starts next year!!

I’ve sought advice from many people I trust and have learned much along the way and yet I still find myself researching and looking for the right answer.

I know that his home life is the foundational, the most important stuff but I want to find a school that mirrors the way we see the world. Is that overly optimistic? I also know that realistically we are choosing a school for both our children so I want to get it really right!

I’m interested to hear your views! How did you find the school decision? Have you any advice beyond, “you’ll know the right one when you see it”?

9 thoughts on “Tales of a worrier: the school edition

  1. Cate P

    We picked the closest, lol. You will never find THE perfect school. There will be good points, fabulous points, and not so great points with every school. And even if you think the school might be as close to perfect as possible, not every teacher there will be. And even if you think you’ve found the right school with all the right teachers, not every child in the school will be amazing. And nor will their parents. And ALL of these things affect the ebb and flow of how much you and your kids enjoy their schooldays. And it will change constantly.
    So my advice is to pick the one with the most pros, the least cons, and a non-ugly uniform, and make the best of it.
    Love, me xxx

  2. amumsreality

    I’m a primary school teacher and I always advise friends to visit quite a few, it sounds silly but you just ‘know’ and get a good feeling. You will probably never find a school that ticks ALL the boxes and you will always find various and differing opinions, go with your gut!

  3. Bec | Mumma Tells

    I’m a little while a way from needing to make this decision – but I wanted to reassure you that you are most definitely not alone! I worry about things like this all of the time! Wish I had an answer for you… but if you find one… hehe. X

  4. Rachel

    Our little boy starts next year too! We had the option of the local, zoned public school (good reputation, varied demographic) or a few private schools, both co-ed and single sex. We ruled out the single sex school quickly, and had a tour of the co-ed private school. We liked it immediately. It appears to match our values/religion (we liked the Principal, small number of enrolments), has excellent facilities (up to date computers, aircon in every building) that outweigh the zoned school, plus we had heard good recommendations from friends/family. We had no hesitation in enrolling our son a year ago. Will he fit in? We have no idea – its a leap of faith. Our first test is next week when we go for uniform fittings!

  5. Rachel

    Forgot to mention that cost was also a factor, but we worked out that private school was going to be less than two days of childcare!

  6. Octavia and Vicky

    We live across the road from a lovely school, lucky us. That’s the natural choice for our children. Choosing a kindy has been much more difficult! There are several options and we have changed our minds many times.
    I think the school is important and a school is a community – but each individual teacher is gteacher I am really looking forward to being on the other side of the fence! Itto have the biggest impact. There is not much control that parents have over who that might be. I will be concentrating on working with the teacher/s, helping where I can and maintaining good communication. As a teac

    1. Octavia and Vicky

      Sorry for the errors, typing on my phone at 5am! A sentence from the end got moved to the middle somehow. Feel free to edit it so it makes sense! (or can I do that somehow? ). x


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