La dolce vita

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I posted the above quote on my Facebook page yesterday and I think it contains the recipe for a really good life.

My days are long and full. It’s a fuller life than I ever imagined. My mind races and stresses far more than I would like. But I have created this life. I have let some things go. Set my priorities. Set goals even. I need to let more things go. Prioritise more. Find the fun in the mundane and even the irritating. Be braver than I thought I could be. Push myself a little. Count my blessings.

For years I thought myself an extrovert. I thought because I like to chat it meant I was an extrovert. And maybe, 15 year old me was an extrovert but if she was that was fleeting and only because I was finding my way in the world. Trying on different outfits so to speak.

But I’m not. I’m an introvert. Someone who is internally motivated. That is what an introvert is. I love to feel connected to people but I need to seek out the quiet. Sit back. Think. Process. Be.

La dolce vita. For years I’ve been thinking that a good life is a balanced one but I believe now that balance isn’t about keeping the scales even all the time but giving things the due attention when they need it.

What’s your recipe for the good life?

3 thoughts on “La dolce vita

  1. Dannielle

    I love this, Cat! I’m still working out my recipe for the good life. Sometimes I think I have it just right, then I throw something in that’s not meant to be, and it’s all out of whack again. But I do know that part of my recipe is to throw caution to the wind and take big leaps where ever they feel right. I’ve had so many adventures from it and I know it’s right for me.

  2. Nathalie Brown

    Balance is staying in one point, life has different areas that need attention at various times. You can eat a balanced diet but that too should include chocolate and cake. PS I’m a introvert though no one believes me x


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