I lied about being the outdoor type


I have never been a person you could describe as outdoors-y. Bookish, over thinking, worrier yes but outdoors-y not at all.

When I was young I did Girl Guides. I liked it for a little while. Earning the badges was fun but none of it came easily to me. I wasn’t naturally crafty, sporty and definitely didn’t like camping. I was also quite socially awkward and didn’t make friends easily at that age. I didn’t fit in and though I stuck at it a while it wasn’t really my thing.

I was never the kind to care about food either. I really only taught myself to cook in my 30s in any real way and I’ve become a passionate cook only since I thought about what I would be feeding my children.

So it occurred to me a little while ago, if I can reach myself to cook, teach myself to sew and embrace my creative side I need to reconsider my lack of outdoors-y-ness ( see how I made up that word there?).

Little Lion is a super outdoors-y fellow and at every given opportunity will bang at the door to go outside to play. It improves all our moods to go outside, get a little dirty and most importantly get some sunshine. We are lucky to live somewhere where the bad weather days aren’t all together that bad and don’t dominate the whole year. We are lucky to have a beach so close by and a large backyard. I walk a lot with the boys and we are planning to do some walks as a family too.

So I’m becoming a more outdoors-y type after all. I will still not ever love camping though ok?

2 thoughts on “I lied about being the outdoor type

  1. Megan Blandford

    I was never outdoorsy as a kid either – I’d avoid sport like the plague, hated dirt, would rather read a book than play. Then as a teenager I tried a few things – walking, rafting – and realised the stress relief I felt.

    Then I met Steve…!

    I agree that having kids can change your interests too – they have a way of bringing us into their world.


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