Ignorance is not bliss

There has been a lot of hate (particularly woman hate) in the media the last few weeks. I don’t need to rehash the news here I’m sure but this post by John Birmingham sums it up perfectly I think. Frankly, I’m ashamed.

What I want to have my five cents worth about though is that these men were boys once. Boys as small as mine are now. What I want to know is where were the models of respect for women in their lives?

As parents it’s our responsibility to teach kindness, respect, love, acceptance? This is the type of young men we want to raise. It is the way we behave towards each other. It is the way we behave towards strangers too. I took my boys out yesterday and were sitting in a food court sharing lunch. A homeless woman was shuffling through the tables, clearly looking for leftover lunches. My Mr 4.5 asked what she was doing. I explained and he insisted he give his lunch to her and share his brother’s lunch. He also offered her a fruit muffin we had made and brought as a snack. I had to hide my eyes as I wept with pride.

Carly wrote a fantastic piece earlier in the week about teaching children to accept differences. She speaks honestly about how she has found dealing with kids.

It is not ok to look the other way in the face of wrong. It is not ok to not know how to deal with something bad and not educate yourself on how to do better.

I want a better world. I want a better world more now as a parent than I did ever before. I want my boys to live in a world that is better. I want a better world because people have chosen kindness. A world that accepts people for who they are, that finds homes for people who are old, sick, persecuted. A world that pays nurses and teachers more than the opening batsman for Australia. A world where children are able to reach their full potential regardless of their economic background.

Ignorance is not bliss. We have to do something to change ourselves, overcome our negativity, act with respect to our fellow women, men and children, to improve or understanding, teach our children.

Ignorance is not bliss.

8 thoughts on “Ignorance is not bliss

  1. Annmarie

    I know how you feel. It is so wonderful when you find your kids doing beautiful things. “Ah”, you think, “my work here is done!” I once arrived at L’s school to find her helping an old man cross Angas Street while others watched. She insisted we follow him by car to make sure he made it to his destination [the Irish Club] and when we saw him waver at the prospect of crossing another busy road she was out of the car and leading him across that one, too. While helping him, she insisted we also stop in a side street to help another old man who had fallen over near a men’s shelter. I felt very proud of her that day…as I do when she calls out the boys she knows for any racist or sexist remarks they make on Facebook. She is brave, sensitive and a deep thinker…just like you Miss Cat!

    1. catbeloverly Post author

      He’s a lovely boy Carly. You really have me thinking about ways I can show my kids to be more accepting. Everyone has their differences but we are all really similar too. X

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  3. The Little Red Hen

    I feel the same Cat. I heard a part of the speech given by the head of the ADF the other day and something he said really stuck with me. He said something like ‘the standard you will walk past is the standard you accept.’ It’s a pretty unlikely source of inspiration for me but I’ve thought about that sentence a lot since then and I feel it eloquently sums up the very thing we can and should all do to improve our society.
    The thought of your Mr 4.5 seeing another person with an immediate problem that he could help to solve so simply is just beautiful. You have no lunch. Let me share mine with you. Mirroring the lovely, caring attitudes he is parented with, obviously.


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