What I am loving right now…


  1. Flat shoes – who knew? Well, ok a lot of you did but seriously, what was I thinking all of those years of killing my feet?
  2. Fingerprint art (and crafting in general) with Bebito – it’s such good fun! And it is a great time for us to chat about things. I’ve learned more about what’s going on in his head in the few hours we’ve spent crafting in the last week than in the last few months
  3. Walking and pilates. I promised myself I’d try to get fitter and healthier so I’ve been doing both regularly. Me, enjoying exercise! What on earth?
  4. Reading. Ok, I’ve always loved this but I’m making more time to do it now. I’m loving this book right now.
  5. Giving Little Lion room to explore the world. He’s very adventurous. Bebito and I really aren’t and he’s teaching us to be braver in the process.
  6. Seasonal, organic fruit and vegetables delivered to my front door. Convenient, great quality and yummy!
  7. Visiting the library with the boys. We are going weekly at the moment and we all love it.
  8. Brunch with friends at my favourite local-ish cafe. The brunch pictured is my current obsession…rye toast with mixed mushrooms, pearl barley and almonds with a dash of hummus. Best!
  9. Dancing with my little groovers. We’ve been listening to LOTS of music and finding new and old tracks to groove out to, especially of an afternoon to get the sillies out.

What are you loving right now?

2 thoughts on “What I am loving right now…

  1. Megan Blandford

    So much happiness in this post!

    I have no time in my life right now for sore feet so it’s flats all the way, and seeing the joy of the kids is just beautiful. And I’m with you on the good food – I’ve given myself a new definition for “treating” myself and it’s more based around fresh foods that make me feel great rather than sweets. Well, mostly. 😉

    1. catbeloverly Post author

      Thanks Megan. I’ll never give up the sweets entirely lovely but I am looking at alternative ways to make them healthier or grabbing some plain nuts and some yummy cheese as a snack instead. X


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