The world


That gorgeous little boy in the picture above….he’s climbing a tree and making his brother, who I have in my arms, laugh. He’s making me laugh too. Our laughing is making him laugh too. It’s one of those simple moments in life that I will remember always. Photos help to do that I think which is why I’m addicted to taking photos of my children.

That same little boy crawled into bed with me this morning well before 6am. It’s a kindy day today and he knows he’s not allowed to watch any television until he’s ready for kindy but he likes watching the weather so asks me if I can turn the news on for him. I do.

The first image I see is one of a man yielding a knife, covered with blood. Like a televised version of Lady MacBeth. I recoil in horror, trying not to let it show to him and reach for the remote immediately.

“Mama, why did he have paint on his hands? Is he chopping meat with that knife?”

I change the subject as quickly as I can. Hug him. Hide my tears. Ask him about his favourite topic of the moment – baby seahorses being “held” in their Dad’s bellies.

The world can be so cruel and I don’t want him to know this. Not ever really. Not now for sure.

8 thoughts on “The world

  1. Lisa Lintern

    I’m trying to shield my kids from the horrors of this world too, but failing thanks to the media. It’s horrible to see them witness just how irrational and destructive people can be…

    1. catbeloverly Post author

      I totally agree Lisa. I haven’t done too badly to date but this morning was a shock. It is such a horrendous “incident” and I’m at a loss to explain it. Thank you so much for stopping by xxx

  2. stellaorbit

    I don’t ever want to have this conversation with my boy, but I know I will have to one day. Which is terribly sad. I wish the media culture had not become so sensationalist, but it seems that the shock value of images of horror still have currency. I’m sticking with my no morning tv rule for as long as I can.

    1. catbeloverly Post author

      I totally agree Louise. When I saw the footage later I wondered why we were being shown it at all??? And, I hope it doesn’t prejudice the legal case either! I don’t generally avoid questions from my boys but this time I’m happy to have done so. X

  3. Christie @ Fig & Cherry

    Oh I shivered as I read this, first with smiles, then with sadness. I was so upset seeing those images online, can’t imagine what little people must be thinking when they are old enough to understand! So lucky he had his mama there for a cuddle 🙂

    1. catbeloverly Post author

      The world can be a not so kind place Christie. It makes me really sad. I’ll equip him with some knowledge over time but I’d like to keep him innocent as long as I can. Thanks so much for stopping by x

  4. Megan Blandford (@MeganBlandford)

    The start of this post made me smile – it reminds me of my two, the littlest loves nothing more than giggling at the big one’s antics!

    A few times lately A has watched a bit of news with me in the evening (I haven’t watched it for so long, to protect her from it). But I monitor it carefully. It reminds me that all she’s really seen on TV is Play School and a few other kids’ shows, so this is a big widening of her viewing – which is good in some ways. (And she too loves seeing the weather in particular.) I don’t know – they seem so little to be exposed to some of that stuff, but then I can’t see myself ever thinking I “want” her to see it.

    1. catbeloverly Post author

      Yes, I agree totally. Widening their world is great! I just hope to do so really selectively!!! The day will come when they realise that truly bad things can happen but I want to ground them so much in “good” first.


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