Four words


My darling bestie emailed me overnight asking me to help her describe her in four words for her staff newsletter. I have loads of words to describe her of course – she’s funny, generous, thoughtful, incredibly clever and so in tune with me and has put up with my balderdash for longer than anyone I know except those who are bound to me by blood and genetics. That we haven’t lived in the same country for more than 15 years and still remain close is testament to how much I adore her.

Anyway, it got me to thinking….four words to describe me? What four words would I use?

Bookish? Thought bound? Slightly – ok more than slightly – highly strung? Considerate? Organised? Well only in some ways! I’m kind of boring actually!!! I really am not sure what to say.

And more, what four words would I like to be known for? My epitaph so to speak? Those are easier for me… Loving, kind, creative and having lived a life of grace (that last one is more than one word I know).

Maybe what I am now isn’t so important? Maybe I’m my own worst critic and because I know how I want to live I’m guided by those things already? Unlike the works of fiction I love so much, I know how I want to feel at the end of my own book and the in-between is the unknown? The unknown and me have never been great friends but a lot has changed in the last few years and I trust that the way I want to live will deliver me the path I need to be on.

What about you? Can you “condense” yourself in to four words better than I can?

6 thoughts on “Four words

  1. plainjane69

    Oh Cat! Four words isn’t enough to describe you. Let me get you started – Generous. Thoughtful. Intelligent. Kind. Creative. Nurturing. Consistent ( that is important, and not boring). Passionate. And just think – that’s simply based on memory, and periphery. Even from a galaxy far, far away (well, Melbourne) your star shines bright. I’ll have to think about my own four words – that of course is much harder. These days, I feel pretty secure in knowing that I am many things to many people, and the best thing I am to myself is..pleasantly surprising.

  2. Java Jane

    Gosh thats a hard one.. you are so many things…. I have been meaning to comment for ages, because your posts always make me smile. You resonate kindness, strength, creativity, passion – not to mention a fabulous domestic goddess!!!

    Not sure I would know the words to describe myself, maybe ever evolving… peeling another layer off as I grow older! Its exciting to watch the change!

    I just love love love your posts!

  3. Megan Blandford (@MeganBlandford)

    Oh, that is a hard one! I think the words you’ve used to describe who you want to be are the ones I’d use to describe who you are. I think I’d like to be thought of as loving, adventurous, strong… oh wow, this is hard! I don’t know!

    1. catbeloverly Post author

      I think what you say about yourself is right Megan. I’ve been thinking though, and maybe the reason it’s so hard is because we can’t easily be boiled down to a few words. We are a bit more complex than that? Still, I think having a vision for the kind of person I want to be helps me. 🙂


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