The overwhelm & the life list


It’s a topic addressed on every personal blog I’ve ever read…the balancing act….the “how to fit it all in” thing. And I truly think that because no one person can truly balance it perfectly all the time. I’m about to throw study into the mix of my life too. I know I am nuts but it needs to be done from a professional standpoint and I will take on only one subject at a time. It’ll take me years but I don’t care about that.

I’m in a constant state of balancing and unfortunately it’s often the squeaky wheel gets the oil. There’s nothing strategic about the way I do things at all. I look around and see people who seem to have it more together than I do. Twinges of envy hit and then I go back to trying to just do the best I can.

My friend Megan once told me that jealousy is a good indicator you’re not doing the right thing for you. And I believe she’s right.

There is so much I love about my life but it’s time to make some plans to make sure I’m getting the most of my life.

For me, it’s about getting back to basics. And so, learning again from Megan I made myself a life list. Trying to be as organised as I can…cooking good, simple food….playing with my boys….finding time to have a coffee and read a book even for 10 minutes….making sure I get to Pilates….dating my Mr. Hanging with my girlfriends. Chatting to my Mum. I suspect I need to multitask less, focus more and maybe, cut myself a break!!!

The washing has however piled up, the floors need a clean and all those boring jobs have been put aside too long!

What works for you when you’re overwhelmed?

3 thoughts on “The overwhelm & the life list

  1. Megan Blandford (@MeganBlandford)

    I love that you made a life list! Yours sings to me – I think there are so many similarities in what we want from life and our priorities, but I think we both find it difficult at times to balance the various sides of our lives without zoning in on one to the detriment of the other aspects. I think we’re both at a really interesting point in our lives, too – the “making babies” part is over and the raising our kids part is well and truly here, and our lists show how much we want to focus on doing that well and nurturing them and ourselves.

    PS – what will you do to be more daring?!

    1. catbeloverly Post author

      We are totally on the same page and I think I’ll suffer from paying too much attention to one part of my life more than others for a while to come. I have NO idea about daring but now I’m aware of it I will find a way! 😉

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