The essence of family


There’s a moment, every morning, when I’m surrounded in bed by my two little loves – usually one on either side of me. Sometimes we just sit talking, others reading books, others our bed has been transformed to a space shuttle launch pad or airport. In those few minutes every day I am hyper aware of how blessed I am to have these two beautiful boys. This time grounds me. It gives me strength. It restores my soul. Some days I’m overwhelmed with the love I have for them. They are, frankly, adorable and hilarious. They are not all similar except in their wide-eyed wonder for the world.

I often wonder when this time will stop. I’ll like the extra sleep sure, but I’ll miss those moments. They probably won’t remember the actual moments we shared like these but I so hope the love I give them seeps into every pore of their being and gives them courage and strength.

We live a small, quiet life in reality. Big on love but small in most ways. Which is why, when I asked my darling friend Ameliato take some photos of the four of us I wasn’t sure how we would “look”. She’s crazy clever so I knew the photos would be great but us, how would we look? They turned out more beautifully than I could possibly imagine. Amelia has somehow captured our life, our family, our home. You can see a selection on Amelia’s blog here. And I will forever be grateful we have these. Mr and I have decided to have Amelia around to capture us every few years so we can document our changing life and so that these boys can see how loved they are forever more.

If you have been thinking about a family photo shoot don’t hesitate to do it! And if you can ask Amelia, even better!

4 thoughts on “The essence of family

  1. Megan Blandford (@MeganBlandford)

    The photos Amelia took are just beautiful. I must get some photos of our little family done – we haven’t done that since Iris was born.

    As for morning cuddles with the kids – that’s my favourite time of day, too. Agree that a little later might be good, but I’ll take whatever cuddles I can get with the little squirmers!


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