On being 38


Today I turned 38.

There was cake, gifts and hugs from my boys, out of tune singing, more cake, lots of well wishes and a chat with my bestie. I felt overwhelming love for my children, kissed my love, told my Mum I love her and thanked her for having me, loving me and supporting me every day of my life.

I also took myself shopping and saw this dress on the hanger. I was drawn to the spots but wasn’t sure how it would look…..as I did up the zipper I felt that the reflection in the mirror was actually me. Really me. I haven’t felt that good in a dress (or anything) in 20 years.

I feel like I am finally, FINALLY getting comfortable in my own skin. I know who I am, what I am good at, what I totally suck at, what I want to change and what makes me happy. I know what I want and what I don’t. I’m hitting my stride.

Today I turned 38 and I am happy to be me.

4 thoughts on “On being 38

    1. catbeloverly Post author

      It is a good feeling lovely. I think I’ve always been ok with being who I am but never 100% happy to be me if that even makes sense? Knowing women like you who show life in at it’s fullest, with all the honesty you bring, has certainly helped me get to this point x

  1. The Little Red Hen

    Happy birthday again. Happy being happy in your own skin day;)
    And that is a truly excellent frock-smokin’!


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