Two dollars twenty

The drunk teen got up from his seat. His equally drunk girlfriend grabbing on to him for dear life as the tram wobbled to a stop.

They seemed oblivious to the judging eyes from the pensioners around them. Drunk at 1 o’clock in the afternoon. The sin!

He left behind $2.20 on his seat. I know that amount of money would count in their lives.

The man across the aisle tried to grab the loose coins but as I moved from my backward facing seat to the one formerly occupied by the teen his window of opportunity closed.

I picked up the money, carefully placing it off to the side of the seat. $2.20 can be a lot of money. At this moment, I know someone needs it more than me. As I hold the money in my hand for a brief second, I wish on it. I hope for it to fall in to the hands of someone who does need it. I’m trusting the forces of the universe, as I do often.

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