A night to remember

Sometimes, with small children who don’t sleep, leaving the house on a school night when I know I will need to be up well before dawn to get ready before work, isn’t appealing.

Last night was one of those nights when I wanted to just put my pj’s on and get to bed as early as possible. Resisting that urge, I tizzied myself up because I had a night of festival-ing planned with my Mum. I could tell Mum was as enthused as me about the idea of a night out after looking after my kidlets all day but she is always too polite to say so!

So we hauled ourselves to see what turned out to be a remarkable performance by Goran Bregovic and the Weddings & Funerals Orchestra.

I laughed, I thought of war and loss and my cultural heritage, I cried, I thought of my Grandpa and how much I miss him and the photographs of he and my Grandma in their dancing costumes, younger than I am now and so full of life and joy. I experienced the rhythm through my blood that only truly skilled live music can give.

I am so glad we made the effort, it’s a night I’ll never forget.

Here’s a clip of Goran and his orchestra in action. You should totally check it out. It’s like The Cat Empire crossed with The Gypsy Kings crossed with traditional folk music.

Any fellow who gets around in a silver satin suit and purple brogues can count me as a fan for life!

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