Le craft with le kids: m&m’s paint

I thought I’d start a “new” series of posts about crafting with small people.

Let me say a few things at the outset:

– I’m in no way a child educator
– I’m actually not a naturally gifted crafter so only do things with Bebito that aren’t too much of a stress on either of us ie. they’re simple things
– I’m not at all keen on mess and have had to teach myself to let go of what happens on the journey
– I have also had to teach myself to let go of the finished product – sometimes we do a task that I want to create something at the end of it but Bebito isn’t at all keen on following something through to it’s end
– I follow his interests – ie. he LOVES to paint so we do a variety of different painting types
– I try to do a new task every week – it keeps things interesting for both of us
– I also try to do the task as part of our one-on-one time so that he has my undivided attention

I found this task on a blog (gosh knows if I can remember which one!) here is the link to the post it linked to though.

What: make your own paint using m&m’s

How: sort the m&m’s by colour – Bebito found this fun to do and we counted how many of each colour too & of COURSE we had to try a few.  I used plastic cups to put the m&m’s in (mess factor = low that way) and then added just enough water to cover the m&m’s.

What I liked about it: Quick, easy, educational, not messy and a great indoors activity for when the weather isn’t right for outdoor painting. I also liked that the colours were a bit more pastel than the usual painting we do.

What he liked about it: Quickly organised – ie. he didn’t have to wait for hours to get in to the task – he’s not that patient!

Cons: the paint is a bit umm, sticky and don’t let it dry outside or umm, ants will attack.  I also use paintings done by Bebito for wrapping paper and the stick factor isn’t so great for that.

I got in on the act too…you can see I’m not much of an illustrator no? 🙂

If you give this a go I’d love to know what you think!


4 thoughts on “Le craft with le kids: m&m’s paint

  1. Claireyhewitt

    Nice work B! (and not too bad from Mumma either)Can I tell you that getting the paint out on the front footpath with Dad's real paint brushes is lots of fun and the clean up is the best possible – none!


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