Home made Easter

This Easter I’m doing home made gifts.  As I think I’ve said previously I’ve committed to making my own or buying handmade gifts for everyone this year.

I like to involve Bebito in the making as much as possible too so yesterday we got baking!

We made Bourke Street Bakery chocolate and cherry biscuits

Some mini apple, orange and cinnamon hot-cross buns covered with orange blossom syrup as I found over at just.b

I also have a batch of garam masala chocolate gingerbread chilling in the fridge to be made tonight.

We then did up a batch of labels and cards using the fabulous new range of Easter printables available at mooo.com – I let Bebito do them which means that I sacrifice in terms of “look” sometimes but it’s about him having fun no? 🙂

I am using the tops of egg cartons to package up my gifts and will instagram a pic when I’ve done one up nicely.

Lastly, I raided the supplies so Bebito could make a little carrot to put in his Easter “nest” that we make every year (a family tradition) for Easter bunny to leave some treats – I think Easter bunny will be leaving him some textas this year and some teeny little Haigh’s dark chocolate eggs and maybe, just maybe, a new book.

All in all it was both fun and yummy.

Have you made anything fab this Easter? What are your Easter traditions? Whatever they are, I hope you have a wonderful and safe Easter with your nearest and dearest….and that you get some Haigh’s chocolates along the way.

Much love,

2 thoughts on “Home made Easter

  1. ClaireyHewitt

    I printed out the cutest little cupcake wrappers and we made some basic cupcakes and and the girls made Easter baskets, then we used the Mooo cards too. We sent them to each of our neighbours, the package was very elementary, but the girls loved getting it and our neighbours are all over 50 and loved or pretended to love being the beneficiaries of our crafternoon


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