Book Friday: A Bebito Review & a Mama Review

It’s been a little while since I did a Book Friday post but this week I have two reviews.The first is a Bebito review of a new release that was very generously supplied by Pan Macmillan, “Zoe & Beans: The Magic Hoop“. This book is newly released and is the latest installment in the series of adventures of Zoe and her dog, Beans. The first thing that struck me about this book is the truly gorgeous illustrations. They’re just beautiful. The book’s written and illustrated by father & daughter team Mick & Chloe Inkpen (isn’t that just the most divine surname for a children’s author?). The story is just the right amount of magical in my opinion. I also like that it’s not clearly aimed at either boys or girls as some books seem to be. Bebito’s verdict? “I love the story Mama and I especially like Beans who is a very funny dog for turning in to different animals and I think he’s a bit silly for getting stuck in the hoop! But that’s ok cos it all ends well and they have lots of fun together Zoe & Beans.” Overall, a thumbs up from me and from Bebito too clearly!

The second book, for my Book Club meeting tonight is What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarity. I’ve not loved any of the Book Club books we’ve read to date and I didn’t have high expectations for this one either but it surprised me. I read almost the whole book in a day (I am resting see!) and it’s a really sweet read. Alice, the main character, has an accident at the gym and when she comes to has lost all memory of the last 10 years of her life, including the birth of her 3 children and impending divorce to her husband. It’s really interesting to see the woman Alice once was critique the life of the woman she has become. She was a much simpler and in some ways I think, naive, younger woman but as she’s gotten older she’s become more controlling and well, less fun! I really quite enjoyed reading this one and think it’d make a great summer read in particular.

But, quelle horreur, I’m almost out of books to read and would love some recommendations of some light-ish and interesting reading for the next few weeks as it seems the best way I actually “rest” and adhere to Dr’s orders! 🙂

Happy reading,

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