Book Friday: Siri Hustvedt – The Shaking Woman

It’s been a little while since I posted on Book Friday but I’m back with my quick thoughts on Siri Hustvedt’s latest book, “The Shaking Woman“.

Now, as I mentioned before (here and here) LOVE Siri and I could easily qualify as a Siri groupie (better than being a Justin what’s-his-baby-face-name groupie anyway!) but did I love this book? Unfortunately not.

It kind of felt like I was reading a university thesis. I’m sure part of it is my inability to read and process non-fiction since I was at uni. I had hoped that I’d be better equipped to deal with it now but I further suspect that being a Mama and having such a busy mind at the moment means I’m really not great at processing the logical way I need to with non-fiction.

I still loved her writing style and when she spoke about her own personal journey and how she was struck down with attacks of the shakes. I also really enjoyed when she spoke about research based on real stories but it was too full of philosophical and scientific argument for me to get lost in the moment of it or fully engage with it either. I found myself skipping over paragraphs that weren’t interesting or too full of science.

I’ll always love Siri but this one just didn’t “do” it for me. And, I’m just a little sad about that.

ps. Will post on to the Books, Books, Books page soon too.

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